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Feel Good Supplements | Your Roadmap to Health

Read Dr. Amy’s accompanying book,
Feel Good Biochemistry

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Feel Good Biochemistry is an interactive guide intended to help you
and your doctor through biochemical testing, taking a thorough look
at the science and rationale behind the personalized comments
Dr. Amy writes on each test.

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It includes a hard copy of Feel Good Nutrigenomics: Your Roadmap to Health and A Complete Series of Lectures, a 3 disk set containing 13 1/2 hours of lectures by Dr. Amy Yasko.


Dr. Amy’s book on the importance of genetic testing and how to begin your personal journey to health and wellness



A comprehensive guide to every supplement used by Dr. Amy, as well as suggested areas of support based on your own supplement list



A detailed explanation of the different types of biochemical tests used to assess levels of toxic elements and other important indicators



An in-depth look at RNA Nucleotide Blends and why they play such an important role in Dr. Amy’s protocol



Over 25,000 members strong, the CH3
Discussion Group is led by Dr. Amy and is a great resource for those on their Roadmap to Health



Follow Dr. Amy on Facebook for recent findings and interesting articles relating to her protocol



Interpret your results from any genetic test and reveal Dr. Amy’s recommended supplementation to better your health



Watch Dr. Amy’s presentations and conferences to help understand and implement the protocol


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About the Author

Amy A. Yasko,


Dr. Yasko has extensive expertise in biochemistry, molecular biology and biotechnology.  In addition she has significant research and clinical experience in both allopathic and alternative medicine.  The common thread that winds through these fields is her work with DNA and RNA and the desire to develop and implement safer approaches to personal health.

Recognized as an expert in the field of DNA/RNA based diagnostics and therapeutics she was a consultant to the medical and research community for over eighteen years. Her focus on RNA began more than thirty years ago when she isolated single copy RNA messages from transformed cells at Strong Memorial Hospital Cancer Center, coauthoring one of the first papers in the prestigious journal Cell on RNA levels of the c-myc cancer oncogene.  Later, while a member of the Department of Hematology at Yale Medical Center …

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