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T U V | Feel Good Supplements

L-Taurine 500 mg Capsules

Taurine can be a help for seizures as well as migraines. Taurine can also help to aid with excess glutamate. However, too much taurine can put pressure on the need for molybdenum and B12 and can generate extra sulfur groups that can be an issue for those who are SUOX + or those who have certain CBS SNPs. In my opinion, the use of extra taurine should be reserved for those who have low levels on a UAA after full methylation support is already in place. Methylation support will increase taurine naturally on its own. Once full support is in place, if UAA tests still show low taurine then the use of supplemental taurine can be considered.


Tea Tree Hand Soap

Tea tree oil has natural antimicrobial properties, I literally have this hand soap next to every sink in my home, in the kitchen as well as bathrooms. I have always had my daughters use this hand soap in their dorm rooms and in their apartments. I prefer tea tree soap over any other antimicrobial soap that is available.

For those who cannot swallow pills, please see the complete list of chewables, creams, liquids, and other forms available listed at the end of this supplement guide.


Tea Tree Oil & Neem Toothpaste (Natural Tea Tree Oil & Neem toothpaste)

Both neem and tea tree oil have natural antimicrobial properties. Neem has been used for years as a natural means to clean the teeth, for healthy gums as well as for skin issues. Those who want a natural antimicrobial for oral hygiene can use this as toothpaste and combine it with the use of oral forms of xylitol to aid in balancing other non-ideal organisms in the mouth that may cause ear infections. NaturoMycin oral spray can be combined with the use of tea tree and neem toothpaste for a more comprehensive herbal combination that has antimicrobial activity.

For those who cannot swallow pills, please see the complete list of chewables, creams, liquids, and other forms available listed at the end of this supplement guide.


Theanine Capsules

Theanine is very calming and can be combined with the use of GABA Balance, BeCalm Spray and Relaxation Support as needed. The supplement called Zen is actually a combination of theanine and GABA. Some parents have reported that theanine may help when males are excessively touching their genitals. (I suggest considering a CSA and GPPP to check for pH and yeast when excessive touching of genitals is an issue). Theanine may also help support increased white blood cells; myrrh is also an herb to consider for white blood cell support along with the use of theanine.


Theralac Capsules (Perishable)

This is a probiotic, or the natural bacteria that line your intestinal tract. It is important to repopulate your body with normal flora; this program chooses to use only Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium for support of normal bacterial flora, and low dose Saccharomyces as normal yeast flora. Theralac is one of several sources of probiotics that support Lactobacillus that are used by this program. Theralac includes some unique strains of both Lactobacillus and Bifidobacter. For this reason, I really like this probiotic as part of the overall probiotic rotation. For a complete chart and listing of the probiotics I suggest and why, please see the separate Probiotic listing.  This includes a more complete explanation of probiotic options and the rationale behind my choices for probiotic support, I do feel that daily probiotic support is a critical part of healthy gut balance.


ThinkWell Capsules

The combination of bacopa and gotu kola has been reported to help with brain activity. For this reason, I have included both bacopa and gotu kola as part of the 25 components of my Step 3 Cognitive Support capsule. Step 3 of the program is working to support higher function after having already dealt with excitotoxins, microbes, virus and metals. I see Step 3 as rebuilding and enhancing healthy brain function. For those who do not want to add all 25 supports that are found in Step 3, then ThinkWell is an excellent way to support bacopa and gotu kola along with vinpocetine. Vinpocetine may help with excess calcium that can irritate nerves, and ThinkWell also includes low dose PS to help support membrane fluidity as well as the short cut around the methylation cycle. ThinkWell can be combined with the use of Prevagen for those who are interested in supporting memory as they age and who may have excess calcium in the system that is interacting with glutamate to over excite nerves.


Tonalin Capsules

This is a source of conjugated linoleic acid, which has been suggested to help with weight management. Any weight management program should include a healthy diet as well as an exercise plan.


Transfer Factor Classic (4Life) Capsules

Transfer factor contains extracts from colostrum and egg yolks that are reported to help support healthy immune function. This Transfer Factor capsule is a more general approach to immune support as compared to the use of IMF or IgY. The IgY is a more specialized extract from egg yolk to help support the immune system in addressing particular microbes in the gut. The ImmunFactors (IMF) are more highly purified extracts from colostrum to address a range of specific organisms. In comparison, Transfer Factor is a more general extract from both colostrum and egg yolk that may or may not include the specific factors found in either IMF or IgY. On the other hand, Transfer Factor is less expensive and may provide more general immune support for a wide range of microbes as well as possibly cancer. Years ago I worked with Dr. Lawrence studying the use of Transfer Factor in non-Hodgkins Lymphoma patients. The technique was to isolate components from the blood of relatives living in the same household as the patients and then literally “transfer” them to the patients in an attempt to mitigate their cancer; hence the origin of the name “Transfer Factor.” Needless to say I am a strong advocate of the use of Transfer Factor, both the more generic form of these capsules as well as the more specific forms available as ImmunFactors (IMF) and as IgY.


Trans GSH Cream (GSH Cream)

Glutathione (GSH) is one of the most important compounds in the body for naturally moving toxins out of the system. When the methylation cycle is in balance and when taurine levels are in balance then glutathione levels should increase naturally. However, it is often useful to also add supplemental glutathione in moderation. This topical form of glutathione is useful for those who cannot swallow pills. This glutathione cream also includes glycerylphosphorylcholine, which is reported to be helpful for the brain, for increasing acetylcholine and increasing growth hormone.

For those who cannot swallow pills, please see the complete list of chewables, creams, liquids, and other forms available listed at the end of this supplement guide.


Tri-Mag Capsules

I prefer that magnesium is higher than calcium in the system. These levels can be assessed by looking at HE tests as well as UTEE tests. When Krebs intermediates on a MAP or Organix test are particularly low, and extra magnesium is needed this is the ideal support. Tri Mag includes more individual Krebs cycle intermediates than the Krebs Magnesium/Potassium capsule. IF both magnesium and potassium are low and the Krebs (otherwise known as the Citric Acid Cycle) compounds on a MAP or Organix test are somewhat low then the Krebs Magnesium/potassium supplement may be the preferred choice. On the other hand, if virtually all of the Krebs intermediates on a MAP/Organix test are low then Tri Mag might be the better choice as it supports both magnesium as well as more generalized Krebs cycle support. When the body has a particularly high burden of thallium or aluminum those metals can negatively affect the Krebs cycle and that may be another circumstance where Tri Mag should be considered for support. Magnesium serves a range of critical roles in the body I feel that magnesium is one of the key minerals to keep in balance. Magnesium helps to balance glutamate, aids in muscle flexibility, helps with constipation and menstrual cramps, is a calming herb, helps to balance calcium and can help increase melatonin release. Excess calcium works with glutamate in the system to over excite nerves to death; the use of magnesium to balance that calcium can be very helpful. Under conditions of stress, magnesium may be replaced by calcium if insufficient magnesium is present, causing tightness in muscles. Remember that calcium and magnesium compete with each other for transport into the body, another reason to be sure you have more magnesium in your supplement regime than calcium. Because it is such a critical mineral I like to have a range of supports containing magnesium as options to consider including, magnesium citrate, magnesium chloride, magnesium krebs, magnesium malate, magnesium oxide, magnesium sulfate and Tri-mag. Each of these types of magnesium offer unique advantages and a combination of several forms of magnesium support can be considered based on the properties of each form of magnesium.


Triphala Tablets

Triphala is a combination of several ayurvedic herbs that aid in producing regular bowel movements as well as helping to improve digestion. Triphala may also help the absorption of B vitamins so it can be considered along with the use of Ultimate B Complex on a daily basis.


Turmeric Extract (source of curcumin) Capsules

I generally prefer to use the whole herb or plant rather than concentrated extracts. For instance, I prefer to use turmeric which is the source of curcumin, to using isolated concentrated high dose curcumin. This is because the entire plant has ingredients that often mitigate negative effects of isolated components. In the case of curcumin, high doses of it can have a blood thinning effect and may cause bruising and bleeding. In contrast, turmeric has properties that help with bruising and bleeding. This is a prime example of why I suggest turmeric for those looking to use plain curcumin rather than suggesting the use of concentrated sources of curcumin. In addition, studies have illustrated that turmeric is actually superior to isolated curcumin with respect to supporting the immune system. Turmeric/curcumin do have wonderful properties for helping with inflammation and I like to use it in combination with nettle and boswellia to help balance all three inflammatory pathways. When used in this combination, such as in the Inflammatory Pathway capsules the dose of curcumin is lower and used in combination with nettle and boswellia. Curcumin has also been reported to be helpful in promoting colon and skin health. It serves as a methyl donor, which is another reason why lower dose curcumin (in Inflammatory Pathway capsules) or turmeric as a source of curcumin is preferred. Some little known positives cited for curcumin are that it may help decrease prions (prions cause disease such as mad cow disease), aids in helping with cystic fibrosis symptoms, helps with aspects of alcohol damage in the liver as well as decreasing the inflammatory mediator NFKB and may help increase GSH. Curcumin may also be helpful in addressing the inflammatory factors associated with H.pylori.


Type II Bioavailable Collagen Capsules

This supplement is often utilized for skin health, as well as to support joint health. It is often helpful for individuals who need joint support when a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement has been unable to make a difference or those who cannot tolerate the sulfur groups that are a part of glucosamine/chondroitin.


Tyrosine Capsules

Low dose tyrosine is included in the amino acid support compound called AminoAssist. The idea behind AminoAssist is to support amino acids in a more general manner without adding those amino acids that can over excite nerves such as glutamate or aspartate. AminoAssist is a great supplement for those who have a range of amino acids that are low on a UAA and need more general additional support. When a specific amino acid is low on a UAA, such as tyrosine, then support with just that amino acid can be considered. Tyrosine capsules or Metabolic Advantage capsules can be used when more general amino acid support is not needed but when specific tyrosine support is desired due to low levels on a UAA as tyrosine is needed by the body to help to produce dopamine as well as thyroid hormones.


T Cell Formula Capsules

When immune system support is desired the use of the T cell formula along with the B Cell Formula is a combination that I like to suggest. The T cell formula is a source of thymus and lymph glandular extracts to help directly support the immune system with the relevant immune organ system extracts. When germanium is out of balance on a HE test it may indicate a need for additional immune system support. In addition, chronic stress can deplete the immune system, creating a need for more support and continual issues with viral and bacterial infections may also suggest a need for extra immune support. In addition, the use of Intact Multigland along with T cell and B cell caps may help provide a more complete immune system support in my opinion. As always defer to your own doctor in cases of infection.

Ultimate B™ Complex Capsules

I hand picked my personal choices of the optimal forms of each of the B vitamins for inclusion in the Ultimate B Complex. Benfotiamine is used as the ideal form of B1 rather than simply using thiamine. The form of B2 that is used is Riboflavin 5’-Phosphate (rather than plain riboflavin). I include niacin as well as NADH to support the need for several forms of B3. Low doses of both hydroxyl as well as adenosyl B12 are included to support B12 rather than the less expensive but non-ideal use of the cyanide containing cyano B12 found in most other B complexes. Both inositol as well as inositol hexaphosphate are included to support both forms of inositol. The source of folate is a combination of folates that also includes low dose folinic. PABA, pantothenic and a low dose source of vitamin PQQ are included along with other B vitamins. I personally use Ultimate B Complex daily as a regular part of my supplement regime. The inclusion of a B complex in a daily supplement regime is something that is important for everyone in my opinion. According to Dr. Elson Haas, an expert in nutrition who has written the complete guide to diet and nutritional medicine: “One such problem with taking large amounts of a single B vitamin is that this may cause depletion of other B’s. Therefore, it is best to take a complete B complex supplement whenever taking any individual B vitamin regularly in higher amounts”.



I do not have enough good things to say about this compound. It is a supplement that I had custom designed to support low doses of literally every antioxidant that I was comfortable using on a daily basis. While there may be some antioxidants not included in Ultifend, these were omitted by choice, not by oversight. Ultifend includes low doses of 28 different compounds with literature supporting their use for oxidative issues. I like to use low doses of multiple ingredients to gently blanket a pathway, rather than high doses of single ingredients. If you have seen other compounds touted as antioxidants and you do not see them in Ultifend then it means I was not comfortable having them as a daily option for all individuals. I see Ultifend as something everyone can consider daily. Even just a sprinkle for most, and a capsule (or more than one) for those with particular concerns about oxidative damage. As always defer to your own doctor on all final supplement choices.


Ultra Dairy Digest Capsules

For those who are unable to process dairy and would like to include dairy in their diet, this capsule includes the enzymes your body needs to process (small amounts of) dairy products.



Usnea is an herbal supplement that may be useful for helping to balance particular microbes that are often difficult to address with more standard herbs. Usnea can be considered for Clostridia support and to address Bacteroides support. In addition it may be useful to aid in parasite balance when used in conjunction with Paradex and Naturomycin. As always defer to your own doctor when addressing microbial issues.

For those who cannot swallow pills, please see the complete list of chewables, creams, liquids, and other forms available listed at the end of this supplement guide.


Uva Ursi Capules

Uva Ursi is one of my favorite herbs. It is included in NaturoMycin capsules as part of my complete custom herbal blend to help support healthy microbial balance. For those who do not want to take a more complete herbal blend or choose to use extra Uva Ursi this is an option for support. Uva Ursi is particularly useful for urinary tract infections especially when used in conjunction with a source of Cranberry and Dandelion Leaf. Defer to your own doctor if you suspect a UTI.

Valerian Root Extract 4:1 Capsules

Valerian root is a calming herb that may be helpful for anxiety, stress and insomnia. Valerian works in a related, but not identical fashion to the use of GABA. Valerian and GABA can be used together, as they will work in concert with each other. Research suggests that valerian works by modifying GABA receptors in the brain rather than simply increasing GABA. For this reason, valerian is often useful in cases where GABA alone is not having the desired effect. Often, if an individual is not able to get a positive effect from GABA, (in spite of high glutamate levels which would indicate that GABA would be helpful), the use of valerian first will help to increase the ability to use GABA as the next step. As always defer to your own doctor when dealing with anxiety and insomnia.


Vanadyl Sulfate Tablets

Vanadium is a mineral that is reported to help balance blood sugar and may help to mimic the action of insulin. While I am not a fan of high levels of vanadium, keeping it in a healthy normal range is important in terms of blood sugar balance. The VDR/FOK capsule contains low dose vanadium support. If levels are still low on a HE test and/or UTEE after the use of VDR/FOK cap (or if desired Glucose Support cap) then low dose vanadyl sulfate can be used for support. I do not like to use high doses of vanadyl sulfate if the level of sulfur on a HE test or UTEE is already high. This is why my preference to support low vanadium is the use of the VDR/FOK capsule which includes vanadium citrate for support rather than vanadyl sulfate. Because vanadium can impact blood sugar, I prefer not to see really high levels of vanadium on a HE test due to excess support. The excessive use of bentonite, charcoal, clay or diatomaceous earth (these are often used to help pull metals or toxins from the body) can lead to higher levels of vanadium on a HE test. For this reason, moderation should be used with these types of flushes and regular HE tests should be run to check vanadium levels. When molybdenum levels are too low, or if there is a great need for molybdenum, then it can cause the dumping (high level excretion) of vanadium on a HE test. When high level vanadium dumping in hair is seen in the ABSENCE of vanadium support (or in the absence of bentonite, charcoal, clay or diatomaceous earth) THEN it may be an indication that more molybdenum support should be considered.


VDR/Fok Pancreatic Support Capsules

This is a great supplement for chromium and vanadium support when those values are low on a HE test as well as serving as support for the pancreas. This is a good supplement to use along with SDE for low pancreatic enzymes. If blood sugar issues are also a concern then the Glucose Support capsule can be considered as that supplement has a range of herbs that have been reported to help with blood sugar, including specialized compounds such as corosolic acid and bitter melon. The Glucose Support capsule also includes fenugreek which may be a help for social language and interaction. While the VDR/FOK capsule does not include fenugreek, corosolic or bitter melon, the VDR/FOK cap is a source of chromium, vanadium as well as gymnema sylvestre to support the pancreas. So the choice between Glucose Support cap and VDR / FOK cap is partially dependent on the desire for extra blood sugar supports (as well as fenugreek) found in the Glucose Support capsule while the VDR / FOK cap is more focused on pancreatic support along with serving as a source of chromium and vanadium.


Vein Support

(otherwise known as Stone Root) This herb is helpful for strengthening the veins, which would also include its use for hemorrhoids. Many individuals prefer this supplement to butchers broom for this purpose, as it should not create potential blood pressure issues as can occur with butcher’s broom. Horsechestnut is another good supplement for vein strength and hemorrhoids. Horse chestnut is also available as a topical cream, Clear Vein creme. It can be used in conjunction with collinsonia. For those with blood pressure issues the safest approach would be an vein support supplement with or without topical cream.


Vegan Kids Multiple Chewables

Vegan Chewables are an alternative to the use of All in One for those who cannot swallow capsules. While these chewable vitamins do not have as customized a composition as All in One they are an option for those who are totally unable to use All in One. My preference is to use All in One, but if that is not possible then consider these chewable vitamins as the next best option. When my daughters were too young to swallow capsules, I would open up the capsule and mix it with honey on a spoon and have my girls lick the mixture off the spoon. I definitely prefer the ‘honey mixed with capsule contents route’ to using a chewable vitamin. However if you can only use a chewable general vitamin, at this point, I would consider this Vegan chewable the best alternative option.

For those who cannot swallow pills, please see the complete list of chewables, creams, liquids, and other forms available listed at the end of this supplement guide.


Vinpocetine Plus Capules

Vinpocetine has been reported to be helpful for a range of neurological conditions as well as helping age related memory issues. Vinpocetine can help to balance calcium levels in the system and it may be that in doing so, it limits the interaction between excess calcium and glutamate which can be a causative agent of nerve death. The ThinkWell supplement contains vinpocetine along with several herbs that may enhance brain function. When excessive calcium is a major concern, the combined use of vinpocetine along with Prevagen can be considered. Mitochondrial function helps to balance calcium levels; the use of MitoForce along with vinpocetine and/or Prevagen would be an additional way to help address problems with high calcium levels.


VitaOrgan™ GI Absorption & Integrity Capsules

VitaOrgan is a compounded supplement that I had specially designed to address the numerous cases of low amino acids, low gut pH and gut inflammation I was noting on tests. VitaOrgan includes nutrients to support healthy absorption of nutrients, to aid with inflammation and to help balance low acidic pH in the gut. When the pH is particularly low on a CSA or other GI tests then VitaOrgan can be considered. If amino acids are low then the use of VitaOrgan along with AminoAssist spray and caps, Royal Jelly (if no bee allergy), Egg Protein Powder (if no egg allergy) or Placenta Extract and Bowel Nucleotide Blend may be useful. In addition, the use of Inflammatory Pathway capsules may be a help to address inflammation along with the use of VitaOrgan.


Vitex Fruit Capsules

Vitex is also known as Chasteberry. It has been used to help balance estrogen and progesterone levels. Vitex may be considered in cases of either progesterone or estrogen dominance as part of a larger program to support healthy hormone levels. There are some reports that Vitex may help to decrease fibroids as well as in some cases of PCOS. Since Vitex can impact both estrogen and progesterone it may initially cause spotting as it can throw off the menstrual cycle so it may be best to start the use of Vitex on the first day of your menstrual cycle. DEFER to your own doctor as always for hormone issues.

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